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Story of gun-point grooms : ‘Antardwand’

August 28, 2010

IT IS believed that marriages are made in heaven and arrangement is made on earth by the friends and families. But in some parts of our country the young eligible bachelors are kidnapped and forced to marry th

e girls at gun point with the bride that gunmen has chosen. The issue has been explored in the upcoming film ‘Antardwand’, directed by first time director Sushil Rajpal.

The film won the 55th National Film Award for the best social film as it deals with the social cruelty which is inflicted on young boys and girls. The film starring Vinay Pathak, Raj Singh Choudhary, Akhilendra Mishra and newcomer Swati Sen. The story revolves around Raghuveer (played by Raj Singh Choudhary), a Delhi University student who wants to become an IAS officer.

The story picks up when Raghuveer visits his village to meet his parents in Bihar. When he leaves for Delhi, he is abducted by gunmen and forced to marry a daughter of a fervent father, who is looking for an IAS groom for his daughter.

The ninety per cent of the film is true story and the film was shot in Muzzafarpur, Bihar and incorporates elements of local wedding customs. The realistic film comes directly out of the creative mind of the director, who is born and brought up in villages of Bihar and has been the direct witness of such stories.


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